Basic Information

  • Course description, goals, integrity, knowledge base
  • Course number: 263-2300, 6 credits
  • Spring 2015, lectures: M 10:15-12:00, CHN C14; Th 9:15-10:00 CAB G51; occasional substitute lectures: W 13:15-15:00 HG D3.2
  • Instructor: Markus Püschel
  • TAs:
    • Alen Stojanov
    • Daniele Spampinato
    • Gagandeep Singh
    • Only for project supervision: Georg Ofenbeck


  • 40% research project
  • 25% midterm
  • 35% homework
  • There is no final Exam

Research Project

# Title Supervisor/s
1 Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics AS, DS
2 Particle Filtering MP
3 Simulating Dynamical Features of Escape Panic AS, DS
4 Social Force Model AS, DS
5 Numerical treatment of SODEs AS, DS
6 Bayesian Belief Propagation (MP) MP
7 Corner Detection using the Harris Algorithm MP
8 Text recognition in natural images GO, GS
9 Simulation of Semiconductor Nanostructure MP
10 Deep Matching and DeepFlow MP
11 AdaBoost MP
12 SGM Stereo Matching GO, GS
13 Splitting methods in Control GO, GS
14 Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization AS, DS


15. April, 13:15 - 15:00, HG E3 (without solution, with solution).


Homework Deadline Solution
Homework 0 as soon as possible  
Homework 1 March 5th, 5pm Solution
Homework 2 March 12th, 5pm Solution
Homework 3 March 19th, 5pm Solution
Homework 4 = work on project April 2nd, 5pm  
Homework 5 (code needed) April 24th, 5pm Solution
Homework 6 = work on project May 5th, 5pm  
Homework 7 = work on project May 19th, 5pm  

Lectures (including pdfs)

Date Slides Notes Other
16.02 Course motivation, overview, organization    
19.02 Reminder basic concepts, cost/performance analysis link    
23.02 Architecture/Microarchitecture, operational intensity, Core 2/Core i7   Intel Optimization Manual
26.02 Optimization for instruction level parallelism (ILP), Benchmarking    
02.03 Small benchmarking guide, compiler limitations    
05.03 Locality and caches, blocking MMM notes  
09.03 Roofline model notes paper
12.03 Linear algebra, LAPACK, BLAS, fast MMM notes  
16.03 Fast MMM continued    
19.03 Fast MMM continued    
23.03 Fast MMM: register renaming and virtual memory notes  
26.03 Memory bound computations, sparse MVM    
30.03 Sparse MVM continued, SIMD vectorization    
02.04 SIMD vectorization   Intel Intrinsics Guide
06.04 Spring break    
08.04 Spring break    
13.04 (Sechseläuten) class cancelled    
15.04 Midterm exam, HG E3    
16.04 SIMD vectorization    
20.04 Compiler vectorization, linear transforms, fast Fourier transform (FFT) notes ICC vectorizations
23.04 FFT notes  
27.04 Fast FFT implementation, FFTW notes  
30.04 cancelled (due to one-on-ones a week later)    
04.05 Spiral: DSL-based program generator for linear transforms    
07.05 cancelled (one-on-ones)    
11.05 Machine learning in autotuning    
14.05 (Ascension day) no class    
18.05 Language environments for building program generators    
21.05 no class (one-on-ones)    
25.05 (Whitsuntide) no class    
27.05 Project presentations (HG D3.2)    
28.05 Project presentations (CAB G11), 9:15-11:00 (one hour longer)