There is no particular deadline. We are recruiting year round depending on availability.

Bachelor and Master theses (for ETH students) on various topics are usually available. Usually we do not keep an extensive list but design on demand depending on the profile of the student. There should be an interest in one of our research threads (see our research, publications and the list below). Just send me an email with a course transcript.

Some concrete Master thesis projects

PhD applicants: Submit your application to our online application system and drop me an email.

Postdoc applications: Contact me by email with a complete CV.

Right now I am looking especially for these projects and profiles:

  • Program generation for performance in machine learning, optimization, program analysis, other domains: strong programming skills (meta programming a plus), compilers, mathematics

  • Fast program analysis with abstract domains

  • Algebraic signal processing: strong math, signal processing

  • Hardware design for machine learning algorithms: experience with FPGAs and Verilog or VHDL