List of papers that were assigned in the first lecture.

Basic Information

  • READ: Course description, how it works
  • Course number: 263-2100, 2 credits
  • Fall 2019, lectures: T 13:15-15:00, CHN G46
  • Instructors:
    • Peter Müller
    • Markus Püschel
    • Zhendong Su
    • Martin Vechev
  • TAs (and associated instructor):
    • Gagandeep Singh, (MPü)
    • Alexandra Bugariu, (PM)
    • Federico Poli, (PM)
    • Pinjia He, (ZS)
    • Ting Su, (ZS)
    • Pavol Bielik, (MV)
    • Mislav Balunovic, (MV)


Date Content TA advisor Instructor
17.09. Organization, small guide to making presentations   MPü
24.09. no lecture    
01.10. no lecture    
08.10. no lecture    
15.10. no lecture    
22.10. Moritz K.: Parser-Directed Fuzzing AB PM
  Zak M. C.: Interactive Metamorphic Testing of Debuggers AB  
29.10. David A. R.: Semantic Fuzzing with Zest TS ZS
  Noël J. R.: Bug Synthesis: Challenging Bug-Finding Tools with Deep Faults TS  
05.11. Lowis A. E.: Lazy counterfactual symbolic execution FP PM
  Bernhard P. K.: Model-Based Testing of Breaking Changes in Node.js Libraries AB  
12.11. no lecture    
19.11. Romina J.: code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code PB MV
  Jan D. S.: Synthesizing Datalog Programs using Numerical Relaxation MB  
26.11. Cédric N.: SMOKE: Scalable Path-Sensitive Memory Leak Detection for Millions of Lines of Code PH ZS
  Patrick J. S.: Testing Probabilistic Programming Systems TS  
03.12. Kaïko G.: Resource-aware program analysis via online abstraction coarsening GS MPü
  Jakob R.: Evaluating design tradeoffs in numeric static analysis for Java GS  
10.12. no lecture    
17.12. Arthur L. D.: SATNet: Bridging deep learning and logical reasoning using a differentiable satisfiability solver PH ZS
  Kosta S.: Imperceptible, Robust, and Targeted Adversarial Examples for Automatic Speech Recognition PH